GPID Project – Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development

United  Nations  University - Tokyo

C O M P L E T E   L I S T   O F   P A P E R S

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01  Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, Eric Ruge

On the Decline and Fall of Empires: The Roman Empire and Western Imperialism Compared


02  Susan George

An Issues Paper – Contributed by the Food Study Group of the GPID Project


03  Lim Teck Ghee, Ng Sock Nye

Working Towards Meaningful Dialogues: The Malasyan Experience


04  Gilbert Rist

Development Theories in the Social Looking-Glass: Some Reflections From Theories to “Development”


05  John Wak

Village Based Projects and Rural Development in Kala Village, Papua New Guinea


06  Mats Griberg, Bjorn Hettne, Gordon Tamm

Societal Change and Development Thinking: An Inventory of Issues


07  Telma Nudler

Towards a Model of Human Growth


08  Roy Preiswerk

Cultural Identity, Self-Reliance and Basic Needs


09  Patrick Healey

Basic Human Needs: The Politics of Mobilization


10  Patick Healey

Basic Human Needs: Methodology and Mobilization


11  Hiroharu Seki

Global Militarization and Its Remedy


12  Fawzy Mansour

Global Social Democracy and the New International Economic Order


13  Oscar Nudler

Notes for an Epistemology of Holism


14  Kinhide Mushakoji

Scientific Revolution and Inter-Paradigmatic Dialogues


15  M. Taghi Farvar

Aspects of the Iranian Revolution


16  Mihai C. Botez, Ileana Ionescu Sisesti, Ana Maria Sandi, Adrian Vasilescu

Preliminaries on a Comparative Analysis of the Varios Viewpoints on the Quality of Life


17  Chadwick F. Alger

The Organizational Context of Development: Illuminating Paths For Wider Participation


18  Yona Friedman

The Quaternary Sector


19  David C. Pitt

The Nature and Future of Development in New Zealand


20  Yona Friedman

About Critical Groupsize


21  E.L. Wijemanne, Earl Wanigasekera

Needs-Their Perception and Expression: The Sri Lanka Experience


22  Anthony J. N. Judge

Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: The Role of Number


23  Kimon Valaskakis, Iris Martin

Economic Indicators and the GPID: An  Attempt to Bring Economics Back Into the Church Without Losing the Faith


24  Herb Addo

Approaching the Peculiarity of the Caribbean Plight Within the Paradox of the Representataive State in the Contemporary World-System


25  Bennie A. Khoapa

The African Personality


26  Dag Poleszynski

Negative and Positive Sides of Norwegian Life Style: An Empirical Assessment of Overdevelopment


27  Peter Ester

Attitudes of the Dutch Population on Alternative Life Styles and Environmental Deterioration


28  Andrzej Sicinski

Dominant and Alternative Life Styles in Poland: An Outline


29  Kai Lemberg, Per Lovetand, Steen Juhler, Jens Falkentorp, Mogens Klovedal, Dino Raymond Hansen

Dominant Ways of Life in Denmark/Alternative Ways of Life in Denmark


30  Lore Scheer, Fred Prager

Austria in the Year 1979: How Austria Weathered the Economic Storm of the Seventies


31  Barbara and J. P. Roos

Ways of Life in Finland: A Preliminary Discussion


32  Samir Amin

Reflexions sur la Theorie de l’Imperialisme; et Revolution ou Decadence? La Crise du Systeme Imperialiste Contemporain et Celle de l’Empire Romain


33  Cadman Atta Mills

On Social Indicators and Development


34  M. Hossein Haeri, M. Taghi Farvar

Traditional Rural Institutions and Their Implications for Development Planning: Studies from Hamadan Province of Iran


35  M. Hossein Haeri

Economic Development and the Village in Iran: Prospects for an Alternative Approach


36  Folker Frobel

The Current Development of the World Economy


37  Otto Kreye

Perspectives for Development Through Industrialization in the 1980s: An Independent Viewpoint on Dependency


38  Hugo Zemelman

Focus Problems Latent in the Construction and Use of Social-Economic Indicators


39  Zdzislaw Sadowski

The Concept of Rationality and the Macro-Indicators of Goal Attainment in Socio-Economic Development


40  Kimon Valaskakis

The Big Rock Candy Mountain: A Paradigm of the Values of the Mass-Consumprion Society


41  Hans Zetterberg

The Swedish Public and Nuclear Energy: The Referendum 1980


42  Philippe d’Iribarne

How To Improve Our Life Styles


43  Anna Coen, Eleonora Masini

Alternative Ways of Life: The Italian Case


44  Lim Teck Ghee

Alternative Ways of Life in Malaysia: What Prospects for the Masses?


45  Ramashray Roy

Alternative Ways of Life in India: Pollution of Poverty or Bane of Affluence?


46  The Romanian Team

Mathematical Paths in the Study of Human Needs


47  The Romanian Team

Aggregated Social Indicators and Some Theoretical Requirements


48  M. Hossein Haeri

Dialectical Transformation: A Study of “Dialogue” As a Method for Research and Development in a Rural Milieu


49  Susan George

The Hunger Problematique and a Critique of Research


50  Johan Galtung

Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Perspective and Some Theses


51  Mihai C. Botez, Mariana Celac

Global Modelling… Without Models? Theory, Medhodology and Rhetoric in World Modelling


52  Johan Galtung

Global Processes and the World in the 1980s: Prolegomenon I for a GPID World Model


53  Herb Addo

Approaching the New International Economic Order Dialectically and Transformationally


54  Johan Galtung

World Conflict Formation Processes in the 1980s: Prolegomenon III for a GPID World Model


55  Andre Gunder Frank

Kampuchea, Viet Nam, China: Observations and Reflections


56  Not Attributed


57  Edited by Dag Poleszinski

An Issues Paper – Contributed by the Energy Study Group of the Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development Project, United Nations University


58  Not Attributed


59  Dag Poleszynski

Food, Social Cosmology and Mental Health: The Case of Sugar


60  Stefan Welzk

Experiences With a Sequence of Development Strategies: The Case of Romania


61  Arne Naess, Danilo Dolci

Holism and Ecology


62  Not Attributed


63  Gilbert Rist, with Oscar Nudler, Telma Nudler, Chadwick Alger, Herb Addo

The Rist Dialogues


64  Hilda and Miguel Escobar

Dialogue in the Pedagogical Praxis of Paulo Freire


65  Herb Addo

A World-System Critique of Freire’s Philosophy of Education: Naming the World Capitalist Reality


66  Mihai C. Botez, Mariana Celac

Undesirable Versus Desirable Societies


67  Fred Mahler

Alternative Ways of Life: An Approach from the Viewpoint of the Reproduction/Change Theory


68  Barbara Roos, J. P. Roos

The Upper-Class Way of Life: An Alternative for What?


69  Herb Addo

Prologue: The Eurocentric State of the Discipline


70  Jurgen Heinrichs

Development of Unemployment and Manpower Policy in the Industrialized Countries


71  Victor Bravo, Guillermo Gallo Mendoza, Juan Legisa, Carlos E. Suarez, Isaac Zyngierman

A First Approach to Defining Basic Energy Needs


72  Victor Bravo, Guillermo Gallo Mendoza, Juan Legisa, Carlos E. Suarez, Isaac Zyngierman

Capital Requirements for Water Heating: Solar Versus Conventional Equipment


73  Not Attributed


74  Not Attributed


75  Not Attributed


76  Dietrich Fischer

Major Global Trends and Causal Interactions Among Them


77  Edited by Jan Danecki

The Transformation in Poland: Some Points of View

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